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ASA Gallery is a fine art website for a family of artists. The most ‘experienced’ members of our gallery are Carol Asher and Betty Shew, sisters born in St. Louis, MO, and John Shew (husband of Betty) with life-long interest and involvement in art. Their original training was in the graphics field (or as it was known back then, ‘commercial art’) and all three have worked in that capacity: in fact, Carol is currently the head of the graphics department for an advertising specialties firm. They all retained their love of the studio arts, however, and reconnected with this side of the art world at different points in their lives.

Betty has been developing her paper art skills for many years now, offering her work for sale at art and craft shows, and exhibiting (and winning many awards) at area juried art events. She has gained recognition in the St. Louis fine craft world, and has a loyal following of collectors of her beautiful and unique work. She works along side her husband, John Shew, who, after many years working for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, is now producing, showing and selling his own wonderful paintings.

Carol came back to fine arts later on in her life when her children were grown. After a series of life interruptions and a move back to St. Louis, she is producing art that includes paintings, mixed media, gourd art, printmaking and assemblage.

Tim Ackelmire is Carol’s oldest child. He has a film/video background and a wonderfully unique painting style. Corey Ackelmire is Carol’s youngest child; she has an MFA in metalsmithing and her three dimensional work is detailed and elegant. She lives with her husband, Nathan Dube, in Houston, TX, and is currently a Full-Time Instructor at Houston Community College. Nathan also has a master’s degree in metals, and is on the faculty at the Glassell School of Art. His recent work has been in silver, interpreting the toys of boyhood. Both of them exhibit around the country in juried shows and also sell their work at galleries and fine craft shows.

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