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Betty Shew

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Betty Shew's fascination with objects that make impressions began in her childhood. Antique cookie cutters and wooden butter presses are her early keepsakes. Betty worked for many years as a graphic designer, until she discovered paper-casting while volunteering with her daughter's Girl Scout troop. When she realized how amazingly paper-casting fit with her lifelong passion for collecting molds and antique lace, she experimented with the process and began a unique career creating intricate original molds from live flowers and nature objects.

Each paper casting is created by a lengthy process where the molds are filled with acid-free cotton fiber, compacted and allowed to dry. The casting can then be removed resulting in a dimensional canvas that is either left the natural fiber color or finished with acrylic paint applied in a transparent watercolor technique.

Betty believes that in a world of constant change, there is comfort in the extraordinary beauty that botanicals and nature's treasures bring into a home. Her one-of-a-kind, long-lasting creations make a perfect gift for family and friends and for special occasions.

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Betty Shew



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